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Kristi’s unique massage techniques coupled with Yamuna Body Rolling helps her clients become aware of their areas of pain & restrictions and the structures that are associated with these sensations.  Working with movement, pressure, and traction together, Kristi manipulates adhesions and healthy tissue.  This combination generates myofascial release, allows muscle cells to telescope out & begin to move again, and changes (in what way?) scar tissue adhesions.  While adhesions are being removed the brain is simultaneously strengthening its neurological connection with individual cells that have failed to move for long periods of time; Improving dexterity & healing at the cellular level and helping you tap into your repair possibilities.

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Kristi Carmichael has helped More then 10,000 bodies heal

Therapy and self care to help you discover and utilize your strongest, most comfortable body.

“I help you activate your body’s natural healing intelligence.”

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Class Rolling Thru @...

.   The Westside YMCA

.   The Body Mechanic Studio

.   The Marquette

(561) 571-1067

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